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Protect your Twitter account from Hackers, Twerps, Twolls & Twats

Good v Bad Twitter Followers

In a previous post I mentioned my Twop Twitter Twips for Tweeps. In this post, I’m going to make some recommendations for how to protect your Twitter account from Hackers, Twerps, Twolls & Twats. Sooner of later, successful Twitter accounts

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The Sitting Disease – is sitting the new smoking

the Sitting Disease

As a self-employed freelancer who works from home on a laptop, I sit down – a lot. Doing the school run twice a day on foot, and trips to the kitchen to make cups of tea and to the bathroom

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Blogs: what to blog about and why


I like writing and blogging in general, but, like many individuals and businesses, I often struggle to find things to write about in my blogs. I started off on here with a few ideas and my blogs flowed from there.

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Have a cow, man


I’ve been fielding (pun intended) a lot of questions recently about why cows feature so much in my Tweets and visual identity. People seem genuinely baffled by it, until I refer them to my surname, which is Metcalfe. You know,

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Twop Twitter Twips for Tweeps

happy cow

There are no end of guides on how best to use Twitter out there. I’m going to reference some of them in this blog post, but I’m also going to tell you a few things that I do myself. I’m

5 Top Tips for written communication

Does anybody write letters anymore

In these days of instant communication via social media and texts, written communication, formal letters and “snail mail” seems a bit quaint… You know, a bit 20th Century… And as for the price of stamps these days – jeez! However,

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Being social at a distance

Being social from a distance

Social situations have always been problematic for me (see previous blog post – Social Anxiety & The Networking Event), not least in a business context, so it was with some trepidation that I set out for my marketing referral event

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7 Steps to building a brilliant brand


In the first of what I hope will be a regular series of posts from different Guest Bloggers, please welcome Charlotte from F&R Designs. Charlotte lives in North Dorset, and is studying for BA (Hons) in Graphic Design as well

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Social Anxiety & the Networking Event


I hate networking. There, I’ve said it.Perhaps you love it? Good for you. Can’t say the same. Perhaps you hate it too? In which case, welcome brother, welcome sister. We’re all friends here. Read on. Aspergers, Social Anxiety, Business &

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