Case Studies

Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Studies on how companies have benefited from my services, and achieved real-life results by working with me. Some names have been redacted from the Case Studies in order to maintain confidentiality. Some information is also financially sensitive. I have respected the wishes of those businesses who wished to remain anonymous for those reasons.



The first of my Case Studies features a Textile Printing company.

MT are a bespoke, custom Textiles Printer, specialising in finished products such as tea towels, aprons, bags, cushions, flags and banners, as well as working with fashion companies to produce custom printed coat and jacket linings for Paul Smith and Barbour amongst others.

I undertook Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work on their website, and also managed successful Google Ads PPC Campaigns for them on an on-going basis.

MT spent £1K per month on the Google Ads PPC Campaign, spread across different Campaigns within the Account. This grew steadily as the PPC Campaign activity was successful, as demonstrated by strong Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). This was proven by the figures from Google Analytics, with the number of website visitors and sales increasing markedly and consistently since I started running the PPC Campaign.

This allowed MT to grow as a company, as demonstrated by their increased capacity and turnover, their having invested in new machinery to increase production and diversify their product and service offerings, as well as take on additional members of staff and further develop and expand their factory space. Business boomed!

Prior to my commencing setting up and managing the PPC Campaign, MT were getting around 7,000 hits on their website per month at best. The PPC Campaign had an immediate positive impact on their website visitor numbers, and grew exponentially over time.

Enquiries to MT, both via email and the telephone, markedly increased too, and these enquiries were all highly relevant product and service enquiries that lead to sales.

There was a sustained period of good, strong sales revenue figures directly attributable to the PPC Campaigns, as well as increased brand awareness, and the business growth over the time period led to MT becoming a leading player in their sector, not just regionally but nationally too.


The second of my Case Studies features a packaging contractors. They offer sustainable wholesale packaging solutions and services to the drinks industry.

DPL get great sales revenue for every £1 spent with Google Ads (ROAS) as a result of the PPC Campaign I set up and manage for them. Their All Time ROAS and Conversion Value Per Cost is 5.75, so £5.75 in Sales Revenue generated for every £1 spent on Ad Spend. To date, since 2021, Google Ads has earned the company over 250K in Sales Revenue.


BB are a Staffordshire-based leading brand of women’s and men’s underwear, pyjamas and clothing. Good PPC campaign management and optimisation allowed the Campaigns and Ad Groups to perform well, generating steadily increasing and consistently high sales revenue and great ROAS. This allowed the brand to grow, increase its reach in terms of brand awareness, and ultimately move into larger and more suitable premises.


SES EV are a Cheshire-based Electric Vehicle Charging Station installation company, primarily operating in the Greater Manchester and Stoke on Trent areas of the North West region. Google Ads PPC is a vital part of their lead generation strategy, delivering high quality relevant traffic to their website that converts into enquiries and leads. Subsequently, leading to site surveys and solution installation work.


Historically, I have also managed PPC Campaigns for clients that include:

  • a family law firm;
  • VW Campervan fit-outs and sales and hire;
  • a street furniture and litter bin manufacturer;
  • a country clothing store;
  • virtual assistants and remote secretarial services;
  • holiday lodges;
  • event catering;
  • a fresh fruit and vegetable box delivery service;
  • high end prestige car detailing and valeting; and
  • lift part suppliers

All with increased web traffic and enquiries, and strong and consistent ROAS.


Marketing investment numbers add up for accountants

Profits are up at an accountancy practice who are reaping the benefits of bringing in professional help with their marketing and PR.

LSGK Accountants from Leek have reported 20 per cent growth in their year ending 31 July. Even growing their client base during the Coronavirus pandemic.

LSGK director Jed Eatough (now retired):

“I’d met Mark Brammar through the Staffordshire Moorlands Chamber of Commerce. When Mark suggested a strategic approach to our marketing and PR and working together we came up with a two-year plan to raise the profile of the business. He also suggested working with another of his associates, Giles Metcalfe who could take care of the digital marketing and social media.”

Mark Brammar: “Its been great working with Jed to raise the profile of LSGK. Jed is no different to many business owners who have the ideas and intention but do not have the time to execute the work involved. Having myself as well as Giles on board too gives the business a bolt-on marketing department who work flexibly with Jed to suit the needs of the business.”

Jed: “It’s certainly a comfort to know I have Mark and Giles to take care of the marketing and PR activities helping to drive the business forwards, and it’s no coincidence that the growth in turnover corresponds to the marketing and PR activity.

“Would I recommend other businesses to bring in outside professional help as I have? I certainly would! LSGK have at least a 600 per cent return on their investment in Mark and Giles and we have continued to steadily grow our client base, even through the pandemic and lockdown.”


Case Studies on Website Carbon Reduction.


I took the awesome freelance copywriter Belinda Hodder through the process of auditing her website’s carbon footprint and impact recently and it certainly made for interesting reading.

Belinda has a Masters in Marine Science, and just gets things sustainability-wise, and so doesn’t need convincing why we need to take positive and actionable steps to combat climate change.

Belinda helps those in the environmental sector ramp up their website content and increase conversions by writing powerful copy. Undoubtedly, you’ll love working with her if you’re in the renewable energy, outdoors, environmental, or conservation sectors.

Together, we ran Belinda’s website through 4 different website carbon auditing tools to get a range of results and recommendations – not just for her homepage but the entire site too.

As someone who really gets and cares about sustainability, it was great to work with Belinda and help her on her journey towards making her website leaner and greener and also improve the eco credentials at her business even more.


This Case Study is in Alison’s own words:

“I recently had the honour and pleasure of having my website [] eco-audited by the super awesome and so very environmentally friendly Giles Metcalfe (Ethical Freelance Digital Marketer)

“As my coaching business is happily growing away I know I am getting more regular visitors to my website. Though information that I’ve sent out about my business but now humans are also finding me through Google searches etc, so it’s becoming increasingly important for me as some who adores our planet to know that my site is as environmentally friendly as it can possibly be.

“Luckily for me (and you) then… there are some simple steps you can take to make your website leaner and greener.

“I spent an hour with Giles being patiently guided through the process of running my website through four different website carbon auditing tools which gave me a range of results on how environmentally friendly (or not) my website was and then recommendations on how to improve it to make it even more green and happy. This process was carried out on my entire website and the results really did make for some interesting reading.

“From the report result, my site was already in good shape eco-wise but, thanks to Giles, there’s still lots that I now know I can do to make the bees love it EVEN more.

“As Giles says himself, ‘If you want to take action to improve sustainability and your eco credentials in your business you can’t ignore your website and making small changes to it can really have a positive impact on your website’s carbon footprint.’

“So, I’d HIGHLY recommend getting in touch with Giles and finding out more about his website carbon auditing process. It will really open your eyes to the impact your website is having on the environment and then Giles will explain exactly what you can do to make your website leaner and greener for the love of our beautiful home. Thank you Giles – it really was an eco mindset shift!”


As Environmental Responsibility is one of the 10 Components of Good Business Charter (GBC) accreditation, it absolutely made sense for The GBC to look at their own website [] so that they could reduce its environmental impact. Back in May 2023, I worked with The GBC’s internal team to audit their website and advise on where significant gains in carbon reduction could be made.

Following the audit, the team reduced the website’s size and carbon emissions from a hefty 6.04 MB and 5.058g CO2e to a leaner and more creditable 1.75 MB and 0.556g CO2e.


As well as my Case Studies, I wanted to share some more testimonials and recommendations with you.


Many thanks Giles, for your time and insight into helping us work towards a more sustainable digital footprint for the Good Business Charter The first step on our journey!
The Good Business Charter


Giles possesses a unique skill set that enables him to help businesses effectively sell their products and services to their target audience. His dedication, expertise, and professionalism make him invaluable to any organisation or project.

I had the pleasure of working with Giles on setting up my Google Ads campaigns, and I must say that his knowledge and guidance were instrumental in achieving remarkable results. Giles demonstrated a deep understanding of the platform and its nuances, which saw a four-fold return on our initial investment.
Michael Craddock, Marketing Manager

I would highly recommend Giles if you are looking to take on a PPC campaign. He really knows what he is doing and has increased the hits to our site massively and in turn an increase in sales.
Chris Shaw, Digital Marketing Manager at Impulse-Embedded


I have worked with Giles on a number of occasions. It has always been a pleasure. He is honest, straightforward and hardworking giving excellent service to his clients. And what’s more he gets results. Sales go up and so do profits. I highly recommend a call to him if you want digital marketing that gives an excellent return on investment.
Sean Farrell, Business Consultant focused on profit improvement and business growth

Giles is an expert in his field, he’s honest to the core, he’s intelligent and he cares. I love working with Giles, he listens to what we want, provides constructive input and then goes away and delivers.
Jason Moody, Business Coach, Mentor and the People And Planning Expert

I’ve worked with Giles on several projects and recommended him to clients for his skills in digital marketing. Giles really knows his stuff and always gives 100 per cent.
Mark Brammar, Owner of Mark Brammar Associates

Giles has a thorough understanding of business marketing for the SME. Getting to know Giles better I am always impressed with the empathy, care and compassion he treats each and every one of his clients. Giles thinks outside the box and constantly looks at different ways to online market a business. He is a very popular FSB member whose reputation is second to none. Highly recommended to connect and have a chat if you are looking for online marketing for your business.
Darren Gallimore, the Federation of Small Businesses


Giles is excellent. He always seeks fresh and engaging content for my LinkedIn profile when I don’t have the time to write or record content. Giles has helped me engage with many people and open up opportunities through very relevant thought-provoking posts. I trust Giles and he keeps my drum beating.
Richard Gilmartin, Lecturer, Designer, Artist, Coach ICF ACC



If you’re looking for a freelancer and would like to work with somebody who shares your values then I thoroughly recommend Giles.

Sam Agnew, Everyday People and the Good Business Charter


Highly recommended to connect and have a chat if you are looking for online marketing for your business.

Darren Gallimore, Federation of Small Businesses


Giles demonstrated a deep understanding of the platform and its nuances, which saw a four-fold return on our initial investment.

Michael Craddock, Marketing Manager


Giles has been instrumental in raising the profile of [the] business in the local area, which has led to increased activity and a 600% Return on Investment. For sure I hold no hesitation in recommending Giles to look after your Social Media [LinkedIn].

Jed Eatough, Director of Growth 4 Businesses Ltd Group (Retired)


Not only does Giles excel at digital marketing and getting you where you want to be but he is also extremely good at training you to be able to do it yourself. He is incredibly diligent at getting it right and making sure you understand the tools being used.

Neil Woodley, Sales Manager, Randtronics


To reduce the negative impact of your website, I recommend you speak to Giles Metcalfe who is an expert on this stuff and can offer you a website sustainability audit so you can clean up your act. Go on! What have you got to do that’s more important than this?

Zena Barrick, website design for small business