Cookie Policy

A Cookie is a small text files that are stored on a user’s device when they visit a website. They gather information to analyse the website functioning, track user activity, and for advertisements, among other things.

This site does not use cookies as no visitor tracking is in place.

This website does not collect or store personal data.

Until such time as you may decide to tell me who you are, it is not possible for me to identify you personally, even through the use of cookies.

By default, WordPress uses cookies to manage logged-in user sessions and authentication and to remember a user’s name and email address if they fill out a comment form. However, Comments are disabled for this site, and the Site Owner and Administrator will be the only user who is logged-in, for the purpose of editing and site administration.

This site does not use any form of Analytics for visitor tracking, other than any anonymised visitor statistic tracking built into Word Press by default. No visitor tracking plugins are installed or active.

Giles Metcalfe Digital can only see visitor number statistics in the most basic format – i.e. a total number for the given period as a figure.

This website doesn’t need a cookie consent banner, because there are no third party tracking cookies and Google Analytics is not used. Nor is any personal data sent outside the UK, and nor is any personally identifiable user data collected or stored.

Please read my Privacy Policy.