CRAB – Carbon Reduction Action Box

CRAB stands for Carbon Reduction Action Box – a concept that Small99 developed.

It’s a simple, high speed, fun, in-person workshop. It’s for any small business feeling lost and overwhelmed, not knowing where to start with carbon reduction plans and planning.

ID: Carbon Reduction Action Box logo – CRAB for short, with a graphic of a stylised crab and the words “Carbon Reduction Action Box”

CRAB gives individuals, businesses and organisations the impetus to take the first steps in reducing carbon. The workshop covers carbon emissions under Scopes 1, 2 and 3:

Scope 1
Emissions from sources directly owned or controlled by your business, including burning fuels on-site or in company vehicles.

Scope 2
Indirect emissions caused when the energy your company buys and uses is produced by your energy suppliers, often electricity.

Scope 3
These are generated by your supply chain and the customers who use your products or services, as well as any other activities necessary to run your business, from travel to waste management, and even your website. Scope 3 is likely your biggest area of emissions – as much as 90% or more.

This workshop takes just one hour or less, and provides you with everything you need to get started with your carbon reduction and sustainability plan.

As well as being good for the planet, a business or organisation with strong environmental policies, procedures and practices in place attracts new customers, employees and potential investors. It’s also vital for accreditation, and part of the compliance criteria for PPN 06/21 and, increasingly, being added to approved supplier lists.

I’m a Small99 Official Facilitator, delivering CRAB workshops.


Small99 Official Facilitator
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Who is CRAB for

CRAB for third parties

CRAB is for third parties, such as Councils or Chambers of Commerce.

People leave the workshop having built their Carbon Reduction Plan, with an estimate of their carbon footprint and having connected with other businesses.

CRAB for small businesses

CRAB is for small businesses.

The 1-hour workshop walks you through everything you need to know about upcoming sustainability legislation, the opportunity of taking action, and most importantly where to start with Carbon Reduction.

Come and meet other businesses locally who are on the same journey, and work out a plan together.

You’ll leave with both an estimate of your carbon footprint and a workable Carbon Reduction Plan for your business. All for an hour of your time or less!

Graphic image of a crab, as CRAB is the acronym for Carbon Reduction Action Box
ID: a graphic image of a crab, as CRAB is the acronym for Carbon Reduction Action Box

Image by logturnal on Freepik

Key Benefits of CRAB

Carbon Reduction Action Box Workshops have several key benefits, including:

  • They’re Fast: the workshops run for an hour or less so even the busiest and time-poor business owners will get a Carbon Reduction Plan.
  • They’re Accessible: the simple and straightforward format of the Workshop means that people with literacy or maths challenges can still engage and use it, unlike more formal training that can be unnecessary complex.
  • No previous knowledge needed – the Workshop is all about how to take action and doesn’t require climate education or any previous knowledge.
  • Affordable: designed to be the most cost-effective training out there that gives people the technical knowledge they need if they’re under Carbon Reduction Plan pressures.
  • Everything you need: gives BOTH a carbon footprint estimate and a workable Plan to reduce carbon, meaning you leave the session with everything you need to get cracking.
  • Ideas generation – the Workshop gets ideas flowing and prompts businesses to think about more than just energy emissions in terms of Carbon Reduction.
  • Technically Capable – the Measure tool is aligned to GHG and SBTi standards, giving businesses an estimate of their total emissions across all 3 scopes:
    • Gives PPN06/21 aligned results in the 5 recommended Scope 3 areas
    • Gives Carbon Intensity Metrics, which can meet SECR requirements
    • Limitations: NB. only an estimate is generated and businesses should do more manual measurement post-workshop if this is a concern. Further accountability workshops and guidance to get you through the process can be provided.
  • Builds community – CRAB builds a local network of businesses, with the opportunity to keep in touch after the Workshop. CRAB goes beyond just a virtual tool – which when used in isolation can lead you to thinking that you’re on your own with reducing carbon. It fosters a community of active carbon reducers.
  • Access to Tech for FREE: all CRAB Workshop attendees get full Carbon Reduction Plan ideas and support on the Small99 Hero platform if they need more pointers on how to take carbon reduction even further.

The format

During the 1-hour or less session, attendees are guided through a series of action cards.

CRAB Workshop Accountability Cards
ID: CRAB Workshop Accountability Cards – an image of two rectangular cards, with Energy and Transport written on them

Each card builds your understanding of your carbon footprint and gives reduction ideas based on your emissions.

Using these cards, you discuss with other businesses what they have done, and build a carbon reduction plan together.

Why are the Carbon Reduction Workshops in this format?

Local focus

The only way we will succeed with climate change is by empowering people to take action in their daily lives. And in their local communities too. CRAB brings people together and gives simple, non-technical solutions. CRAB inspires attendees to act and collaborate together as well as engage with what is being done locally. As the Workshop is an in-person group experience, there’s lots of interaction that is vital to building that shared connection.

Carbon Reduction actions that are quick, effective and SMART

The biggest barrier to people from small businesses attending training or networking is time. Even if you only attend one one-hour session, you come away with enough to start reducing carbon immediately.

To be honest, climate-focused content can be quite dry and daunting. This often leads to inaction, procrastination or giving up altogether and not bothering.

This is why CRAB focuses on easy and quick-win actions. CRAB also highlights what actions the attendees have taken already. The recommended actions  Workshop are simple but effective. People buy Smart Plugs and LED lightbulbs on the same day. Everything is achievable within a reasonable time period. Those actions are also SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. And, again, there’s support on the Small99 Hero platform for those needing more pointers on taking carbon reduction even further.

What do attendees get?

Everyone leaves the workshop with an estimated carbon footprint of their business or organisation across Scopes 1, 2 and 3.

They have made a list of workable carbon reduction ideas, forming the basis of the reduction plan to share with stakeholders, suppliers and customers.

They also leave with an understanding of the incoming legislation and why you need a carbon reduction plan, plus the benefits of doing so.

For on-going positive action on carbon reduction with progress benchmarks and accountability, there’s further support on the Small99 Hero platform.

Everyone gets 3 months’ free access to software to continue their journey after the course. Along with resources to measure their footprint and build a public sustainability page. You should then publicise and share that externally, to meet Carbon Reduction Plan requirements.

For anyone wanting specialist help or consultancy, such as with the digital side of things, we can provide that too or point people in the right direction.

Next steps

Get in touch if you are:

  • A business or organisation wanting to run the workshop on-site for you and your key personnel
  • A training and workshop provider
  • A venue that hosts business-related events and workshops
  • An individual looking for workshops to attend

Schedule a Call or Zoom with me via Calendly.

Email me at with CRAB as the Subject.

Website carbon reduction

The CRAB Workshop covers your business or organisation’s digital footprint. But, you can make a start on carbon reduction right now by getting a website carbon footprint audit.

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