Giles Metcalfe Digital: Marketing Services, Lancashire

As a self-employed Freelance Ethical Digital Marketing Specialist, I help you sell your products and services to people.

Want to get your website on Page 1 of the Google search results? Buy a PPC Package off me or a Website SEO Review.

Want to drive traffic to your key Landing Pages? Combine a great Google My Business listing with good SEO, effective Pay Per Click Advertising and engaging Social Media to create an impressive digital marketing mix.

As an added benefit, as well as increased website visits, you will potentially get more Leads and Sales too.


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Digital Marketing Services

  • Google Ads PPC (Google Ads Search Certified)
  • Google My Business listing optimisation
  • Website SEO Audits
  • Keyword Research
  • LinkedIn Account Management
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Consultancy & Training
  • Web Content Creation

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Google Ads PPC

PPC Ads drive more traffic to your website as well as potentially increasing enquiries, leads and sales. As a Search Certified Google Ads Account Manager, I will set up and run your Google Ads PPC Campaigns for you. Already have an active PPC Campaign but it isn’t working well? Don’t worry, I will optimise it and aim to improve your ROI/ROAS*.

*ROI and ROAS means Return On Investment and Return On Ad Spend if you were wondering.

PPC Packages from £750

Google My Business

If your Google My Business listing doesn’t appear in the Top 3 Map Results on Google you’re missing out on traffic, footfall and potential custom too. I’ll work with you to improve and optimise your Google My Business listing and tell you how to gain more positive Reviews. As a result, you’re more visible in local Google Business search results, which boosts the find-ability of your business.

GMB Profile Optimisation from £50

Website SEO Audit

Got a website already but visitor numbers are low? Or, visitor numbers are OK but enquiries, leads and sales are low? If so, an SEO audit of your website identifies problem areas and where improvements can be made. My report covers both On-page SEO and Technical SEO, and includes action points. As a result of fixing those action points, your Google Search Ranking will improve and, as a result, your website traffic will increase.

An SEO Audit costs from £175

Standalone Keyword Research & Reporting

Keywords and search terms indicate searcher intent to buy a product or service. Using various online tools to discover words and phrases that are being searched for on Google and that are related to the products and services on your website, the research identifies candidates for inclusion to boost your on-page SEO. Keyword Research is also useful as an exercise done before you start a PPC Campaign. The tools generate keyword ideas for one seed keyword or search term. Search Volume, CPC, SERP Features and other metrics are included in the Report. Be visible for a wider range of keywords and search terms, increase your traffic and achieve better rankings and higher PPC Quality Scores.

Standalone Keyword & Search Term Research costs from £175

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is a cost-effective way of raising your personal profile and brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, as well as generating leads. Too busy to do LinkedIn yourself? I’ll manage your LinkedIn Posts for you. KPIs to measure success include increasing Connection and Follower numbers, as well as upping Engagement and number of Leads too.

LinkedIn Management Packages from £100

Digital Marketing Consultancy & Training

Do you need help and support with digital marketing strategy or specific marketing channels and tasks? For instance, how to increase Enquires and Sales? If the answer is yes, get Digital Marketing Consultancy and advice by booking a Power Hour with me, or, if an hour isn’t long enough, a Half Day or Full Day session.

Power Hour is £99
Half Day is £250
Full day is £500

Web Content Creation

If you need a blog or web content writing, I deliver well-crafted and keyword-rich copy. Better web content gets your message across more effectively, and it also boosts your SEO too. Also, it improves the quality score for your PPC Campaign. Alternatively, I can recommend trusted PR and copywriters who write effective press releases for newspapers and print media, as well as copy for websites.


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Freelance White Label Services for Agencies

Got a client with specific digital marketing requirements that you can’t service in-house? If so, outsource the work to a specialist Freelancer like me. I work with agencies on a ‘White Label’ basis, which means I do the specialised work and charge you my rate, but you still keep and manage the client and charge them your agency fees.


The Ethical Move Pledge

I’ve taken the Ethical Move Pledge, and I am committed to the following promises:

As an Ethical Marketer, I put the person before the sale.

I respect you and your privacy, and I will help you make the best choice for your needs, not mine.

As an individual, I will communicate inclusively, truthfully, and clearly.

I will not confuse you or hide information from you. I will help all audiences feel welcome.

As a Freelancer, I take responsibility for my part in changing the marketplace.

I recognise the need to break the cycle of consumerism. In addition to taking a stand on which platforms I use, I will continuously review my sales and marketing techniques and best practice to ensure they benefit the common good.

I’m asking you to hold me accountable. Please connect with me if you see me not honouring my pledge.

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Reducing atmospheric carbon & supporting bio-diversity

A Champion Trapper, and Proud Member of Carbon Trap, I am fully committed to reducing atmospheric carbon and helping to attract and protect bio-diversity wildlife species through wildflower planting.

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