Blogs: what to blog about and why

I like writing and blogging in general, but, like many individuals and businesses, I often struggle to find things to write about in my blogs. I started off on here with a few ideas and my blogs flowed from there. I also found some guest bloggers to write posts for me. But then I ran out of steam. Keeping your blogs updated when you’ve started one is important, but what to blog about on your blogs when you don’t know what to blog about?!?

It’s a perennial problem with blogs… so what’s the answer?

blogs and blogging

Why blog in 2016

My friends over at Word Nerds have blogged on why you should blog in 2016.

They say:

Blogging is a bit like healthy eating and exercise: we all know we should be doing it — or more of it at least — but it all seems like a bit too much hassle. And anyway, you can always start on Monday, right? Or maybe the Monday after that…

But, like a healthy lifestyle, the long term benefits of blogging for your business are really worth investing some time and effort in. And the sooner you get started and established the better.


Because a healthy blog goes a long way towards a healthy business.

It tells your prospects your business is alive and kicking; it demonstrates your knowledge, your enthusiasm and your productivity. A blog is also cost effective and relatively easy — the only thing it will really cost you is your time. So, take control of your online presence in 2016 and see the benefits to your business.

What to blog about in your blogs

There are plenty of sites out there to give you advice on what to blog about in blogs, like this post from Dummies.

Blog Tyrant state, in their post on the issue of finding blog topics:

Let’s start off with people who already have a blog and are experiencing a bit of writer’s block or are perhaps regularly running out of ideas.

    • Remember your strategy
      The first thing you really want to do is remember your strategy. Every blog post that you do should be something that helps to fulfil one of your strategic goals. Never post just for the sake of adding a new article or driving a little bit of traffic.
    • Make a strategy
      If you don’t have a strategy then you really need to make one! It’s something that I talk about a lot but I really can’t stress enough how important it is to know why you are blogging.
    • Spy on the competition
      Everyone has a blog in their niche that they are a bit envious of. It’s important to regularly look at the content that they are producing and see how you can either do it better or re-do it in a significantly more distinctive way.
    • Remember your problems
      One of the most powerful writing strategies that I’d found is to think back to the problems that you’ve had in the past and write about how you solved them. If you haven’t quite solved them then talk about your mistakes and how they affected you. These 52 Headline Ideas can help you phrase those issues nicely.
    • Miniaturise your topics
      Imagine you have an idea for a blog article called How to Become an Expert at Karate. Well, think about the contents of that article: punching, kicking, blocking, etc. Now think about just the punching topic: making a fist, twisting your hips, target areas, etc. The more you can break down your topics the more you have to write about and the more likely they are to be long term evergreen successes.
    • Ask and keep asking
      At the start of the year I did a big post about all the things you’ll need to know about blogging in 2014. At the end I asked what people still feel like they needed to know and the result was 100 comments filled with content ideas for the year.

Try something different
I like to go and work somewhere new to get a different perspective on my surroundings but you might also try something like this Content Idea Generator just to see if it sparks any brainwaves.

Good advice.

I’m off to put it into practice. Catch you on the next blog post.

Guest blogging

By the way, if anyone would like to submit a guest blog post to this site, or ask me to write a guest blog for them, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.