Year: 2016

Protect your Twitter account from Hackers, Twerps, Twolls & Twats

Good v Bad Twitter Followers

In a previous post I mentioned my Twop Twitter Twips for Tweeps. In this post, I’m going to make some recommendations for how to protect your Twitter account from Hackers, Twerps, Twolls & Twats. Sooner of later, successful Twitter accounts

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The Sitting Disease – is sitting the new smoking

the Sitting Disease

As a self-employed freelancer who works from home on a laptop, I sit down – a lot. Doing the school run twice a day on foot, and trips to the kitchen to make cups of tea and to the bathroom

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Blogs: what to blog about and why


I like writing and blogging in general, but, like many individuals and businesses, I often struggle to find things to write about in my blogs. I started off on here with a few ideas and my blogs flowed from there.

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